The Hero Paradog! 🛩️🐕

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After learning more about the amazing swimming ability of the Labrador, we, here at EmmanuelleChaix, started thinking about other dogs, with awesome abilities. It’s a pretty common thing to see dogs swim, but have you ever seen a dog fly?!🛩️
Ok, fly might be a bit of an exaggeration. What these pups were up to might have been more akin to falling. But, what they did, they did with mad style and insane valour. We are, of course, talking about those brave parachute dogs from WorldWarII.
It was the 13th Lancashire Parachute Battalion that first experimented with the idea of paradogs, in their attempts to prepare for D-Day. They set up an intensive training facility, aimed at dogs who had lost there owners.
This was not your standard doggy Day Care. At the base, these dogs were taught how to position themselves when falling, as well as being made accustomed to the sound of gun fire and plane engines.
One of the dogs to come out of this training was a crossbreed Alsatian/Collie, named Bing. Bing was being sent to the front line, to sniff out mines and other explosives.
Sadly Bing’s jump from the aeroplane🛩️ did not go smoothly, and the poor dog was left hanging in the trees behind enemy lines for two hours, before being rescued by the rest of his team.
Undeterred though, Bing began to sniff out bombs 💣💣, as well as locating enemy ambushes. He was awarded the Dicken Medal (the highest honour given to an animal) for his efforts. What an inspirational pup! 🐕
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